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to this country. have done great damage to the american culture. to the american psyche. >> washington doesn't want to find a -- 1/6 of the economy is gone. the government took it. i don't think the rest of the world is enamored with obama. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh on the record. and you hear rush say things you never heard him say before. but first, in our one-on-one interview, rush limbaugh tells us what he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you, talking about the scandals, president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you thinkhe says they're phony? because he believes it or is there a strategy? >> there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama i playfully call it the regime as i know it irritates him. it is much like a regime. i've been troubled, i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies have done great damage to the economy. have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there
to their center-right readers. and we'll see if jeff bezos can change that with his new "washington post." another week, another so-called major speech from president obama. he says he's ending fannie mae and freddie mac. but i see at least one if not two new government insurance plans. is anything really changing here besides rhetoric? and as the time warner/cbs blackout continues here's the big question. will this speed up the demise of the cable tv model? more and more americans are looking into cutting that cord. all those stories and much more coming up in "the kudlow report," beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." first up tonight, a major shake-up at two of the country's most influential newspapers. after four generations of family ownership the "washington post" is selling to amazon ceo jeff bezos. this coming on the heels of the "new york times" fire sale of the "boston globe," unloading the paper to red sox owner john henry for seven cents on the dollar. so what do the "washington post," "the new york times," "the boston globe," an
morning, august 15. ahead on the "washington journal ," your reaction to the latest development in egypt and what the u.s. response should be. you should join the conversation at (202) 585-3880, our line for republicans. (202) 585-3881 for democrats. we also have our line for independents at (202) 585-3882. join us on facebook, send us a tweet, or e-mail address, at somegin with a look of the headlines from outside the u.s., the "guardian" newspaper -- egypt's bloody crackdown. when the story first went to prince, the death toll was 200 78. overnight, the death toll has been updated to 421. there is this from the "miami killed asundreds egypt's forces storm the protest camps. a similar headline from "usa today," egypt the reps in chaos. -- a reps and chaos. from the "wall street journal" website -- egypt's military regime a reps setting off a day of violence that left at least 421 people dead. the government fractured and ties with its international partners in tatters. cairo streets were calm this morning following the curfew overnight with funerals for the dead. fur
of been explored in every administration i have seen in washington since the 1980's. >> we will take one or two more calls, and then wrap things up with our guest. these -- caller: lobbyists, i think they ought to be outlawed. is just bribery, if you think about it. it is just bribery, paying off the politicians, putting money in their pockets for what their goal is, not the people's goal. that is what i have to say. host: is there any aspect of this we have not talked about that you want to bring up, anything else we should know? guest: not really. i think it has been good to hear the opinions of people in the real world about this, and about the presidential stuff. it gives us something to think about. guest: maybe it is something we can think about. the reuters washington bureau chief. thank you for your time. >> we take you live now to dublin, new hampshire. this is a fundraiser with texas senator ted cruz, one of the candidates we might see run for president in 2016. the chair of the new hampshire gop will introduce senator kelly ontte, and then we will move to ted cruz's remarks. t
. washington doesn't want to find the waste and fraud. 1/6 of the economy is gone. government just took it. i don't think that the rest of the world is enommored of obama. if you read the foreign press, you get the truth. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh oont road and you hear rush say things he's never said before but first in our one-on-one interview rush limbaugh tells what is he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you, talking about the scandals. president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you think he says they are phony, because he believes it, or is there a strategy? >> no, there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama, you know, i playfully call it the regime, because i know it irritates them, and it is. it's like a regime, and i've been troubled, i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies have done great damage to the economy, have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there i
one. span, we bring a public affair of events from washington to you. white house readings and conferences. gaveling complete gavel-to- coverage of the house. c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now, you can watch us in hd. >> a look at the unfolding situation in syria and how humanitarian efforts are being carried out. million refugees have left for neighboring countries. from washington journal, this is 20 minutes. host: joining us next is dr. ron waldman, president of doctors of the world usa, joining us to talk about the group's activities among the world with refugees, in particular the syrian refugee camp from which he has recently returned. thank you for being with us. this is a photo in this week's "new york" magazine with an article and a photograph of a camp. it is open two weeks. it is now home to 120,000 people. the population of hartford, conn. you were recently at this camp. it looks like largely a tent city. what was your experience like? guest: a very large encampment of refugees. it is
to stop the abuse of power in washington? plus, political correctness gone mad. california let's transgender students use whatever bathroom they want in school. what about the privacy of their peers? and now, mike huckabee. welcome to "huckabee" from fox studios in new york city. it looks as though the voters of new york have come to their senses on the possible election of anthony weiner to be mayor. he now languishes far back in the polls. he's actually set a record for the highest unfavorable rating of any candidate ever polled in new york. a stunning 80% unfavorable. [ applause ] only 11% see him favorably and they must be either porn og rafs, late night comedians, or people that work for cell phone providers and need his business. add to that embarrassing spectacle the case of eliot spitzer who is vying for the job of new york city comptroller, the job that oversees finance and spending. the married governor spitzer certainly proved to be a big spender on call girls, so it is hard to see why new yorkers would trust him with their money. despite the entertainment value of h
is speak the truth. secondly, there is a new generation of leaders stepping forward in washington. new, young at leaders, people like rand paul and marco rubio and mike lee and kelly ayotte. [applause] you know what is incredible? five years ago, not one of them was in office. you have to go back to after world war ii to see an instance where the generation of leaders who were effectively defending free-market principles is a new generation stepping forward -- let me suggest something. if you look at that new generation, they are almost always exactly the same age. was 10 whence, i ronald reagan became president. i was 18 when ronald reagan left the white house. know how for the world war ii generation, many of them would prefer to fdr as "our president?" i will go to my grave with ronald reagan defining what it means to be present. -- president. [applause] he didn't blink. i have referred to this next generation, this new generation as the children of reagan. listen to them communicate. listen to kelly stand up and talk about free-market principles. listen to marco. listen to rent. --
perez. o'bryan.teve ♪ tot: good morning, welcome "the washington journal." we are in the waning days of a congressional recess and members of congress are gearing up for this fall's legislative agenda. a question for all of you this morning, what is your message to house and senate lawmakers as they prepare to turn to -- returned to washington next month. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. also send as a tweet, if you go to or post your comments on or e-mail us at a piece this morning from janet hauck, a town hall meetings happening across the country, this is what she reports -- of color that is a bit on what is happening in town hall meetings across the country. here on c-span we have been those town hall meetings and if you are interested in watching them, you can go to before we came up live here we were showing you a recent town hall meeting with congressman justin [indiscernible] a republican who many of you know is against the nsa program. nsa,
for being with us. washington has become an ent mow logical wonderland for the obama administration seems to be more obsessed with semantics and sentence con trucks than to capture a killing of terrorists. washington -- while dismissing any sense of proportion when it comes to radical islamists and the war on terror. and for all of that, this was a red letter day. president obama's mantra that al qaeda is on the run today proved wrong yet again. you are looking at pictures of yemen where government officials uncovered an al qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities, to fire on foreign embassies, to seize -- news of the foiled plot breaking as the united states is stepping up its drone attacks there. killing at least seven al qaeda terrorists in the southern part of the country. in the broader plot that led to the closings of 19 embassies and facilities and 16 countries still acted tonight with no indication that the threats have in any way diminished. here is state department spokesperson jen saki on the closings and the alerts. >> our embassy remains closed. we're continuing to evalua
majorities across all groups express little or no trust in washington. >> you need to have trust in government for the government to work effectively. >> good evening. perino. in the latest news about the nsa giving americans yet another reason to distrust our government, "the washington post" revealing that the nsa has broken privacy rules, thousands of times, every year since 2008. and the chief judge of the secret court that's supposed to police the government's spying program says that the court has limited ability to do its job. the nsa issuing this response, quote, when nsa makes a mistake and carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. congressman goudi joins us. thank you for being here on a friday evening. let me ask you. when you first heard of this news last night, were you surprised or in line with what you thought was probably happening? >> well, dana, i would like to tell you i'm still surprised when government disappoints and when there's evidence we can't
feinstein, but if i recall in the washington post article, she commented to the washington post that she was not aware of the compliance audits until the washington post asked her about them. my question to you is, are you informed about what she saw? was she telling the washington post something different? >> if you have questions about her comments, it you should check with her. i read to you her on the record statement about this issue. what she may have been referring to in that report -- >> what did the senator mean when she was quoted? >> i do not have the store in front of me. i know that some members of congress have suggested that they did not see these nsa reports that were reported on by the washington post. but what they did see and what many of them were briefed on were the regular reports that are due to congress from the nsa as part of their oversight function. reports on a regular basis are made to members of congress and intelligence committees about some of these issues and some of the broader issues that allow congress to fulfill their responsibility to conduct oversig
.. >> the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. and later, senator tom coburn hears from his constituents during a town hall meeting in oklahoma. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> host: walt mossberg, has technology plateaued? >> guest: oh, no, absolutely not. absolutely not. technology is always changing and always coming up with -- technology companies are always coming up with something new, and there are new technology companies all the time incubating, a lot of them are in what we call stealth mode. we don't even know who they are. certain technologies plateau and things move on, but in general, no. not at all. >> host: i guess i ask that because the last couple years we've had the explosion of smartphones, we've had tablets come online. what's out there? >> guest: well, first of all, there are vast numbers of people especially in the less developed cups, but even in the developed countries who don't own a smartphone and, certainly, there are vast thurms that don't own -- numbers th
issued a veiled threat saying they're considering a. : >> michael: joining us now from washington, d.c. one of our favorites, michael tomasky. great to have you back here. michael, does it matter that all of these lawmakers in washington are so angry about this? does it change anything between russia and the u.s.? >> i don't think it changes a thing. do you think vladimir putin cares what john mccain said? i don't think so. however anybody feels about snowden, whistle blower, traitor, or something else, one has to look at putin. he's a sackture of the u.s u.s.-russian relationship. which was working pretty well, then putin announced his intention to come back. he came back and won the presidency, and then there were many isn'ts over th--many incids during the arab spring. >> michael: yes, that's a great point. we don't think about what putin's role is in all of this. look, edward snowden is coming here. exciting opportunity to mess with the u.s. and that is too bad. how much putin has to do with this, we'll never know. but it seemed that things were a little better than. >>> let's st
just blown a fuse. turns out the facts got in the way. >>> plus the march on washington 50 years later. we'll take you behind the scenes before the march when the skeptics and the cynics were telling dr. king to slow down. >> instead of slowing up, we must push at this point and we must continue to move on. and i'm convinced that our moving on will not only help the negro cause so to speak, but the whole of america. >>> also what's on your mind? e-mail me. friend or foe i want to know. reply al is ahead. i'm live from california tonight. stay with us. [ man ] this isn't my first career. but it might just be my favorite. [ female announcer ] welcome to the new aarp. we're ready to help you rediscover purpose and passion with programs like life reimagined to inspire you and connect you, resources to help turn your goals and dreams into real possibilities. aarp, an ally for real possibilities. find new tools and ideas for work, money, health and fun at >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. many of our facebook fans
in march 2011. in a washington post piece today, they write about that just a little bit. they say despite government assurances that they would protect the right of peaceful protesters, massacres only increased in severity, and the serious government deployed tanks and rooftop snipers and established checkpoints to control movements. this was back in 2011. a point out the defection of officers, with the free serious army back in july 2011, and the video of the officers issued at that time. here is kevin. he is calling from fort wayne, indiana, on our independent line. >> thank you, first of all, c- span for airing this program tonight. it was a wonderful display of democracy. in terms of the position of where i feel our government should take, i was in total agreement with the representative from new hampshire added would be nice and would be refreshing if forth itsould carry constitutional duties, because if any military action is taken, any form of military action is taken, we are first and foremost looking at committing an act of war. therefore, congress should be involved in deciding
and smoke it, too. the feds will now let states decide on pot. >> i love seattle, washington, rocks. >> colorado, washington. >> they call it wake and bake. some wake up every morning. ♪ light up. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." >>> more on the doj pot decision a little later. good morning to you, i'm carol costello. first up, syria. president obama reaches out and u.s. allies back away. this morning an international coalition to support military strikes on syria is crumbling. the most stinging rejection from washington's closest ally. take a look at the cover of "new york daily news" the british aren't coming. british lawmakers voted against taking any part of any military action. other allies like germany and france are also gun shy, still haunted by the iraq war. those concerns echo loudly in congress where more than 160 lawmakers, both republicans and democrats, are demanding at least a full debate before any strikes are launched. last night, president obama and top members of his cabinet spent 90 minutes trying to rally support among skeptical lawmakers. >> the congress, l
made in washington and agreed by the government here, then that's really why we're here, because washington feels there should be some bombs falling this weekend. now, many atrocities have taken place in the last two years since the conflict began. shirley, those seeking to take military action could wait a few days longer to assure that the facts are straight but it's obvious there's no threats to this journey of the uk that we know that the government seeks military action in order to deter and undermines chemical weapons, that's fine. that it may well see, that's fine, although military action has to be sanctioned by law. but surely, it should wait until the full conclusive proof is available their fight by the >> that has descended the civil war. the recent spill regarding militant objection has been confusing. last friday at united states and the uk governments were pressing for weapons inspectors to be allowed in c. on monday the inspector general's went albeit in difficult circumstances but on monday evening all indications were that the u.s. and uk had made up their minds
on the "washington journal." later withk about it two members of congress. here is the front page of the morning --imes" this rifts latecomer suspending impasse. host: representative steny hoyer of maryland, the number two house democrat host: this is how the "new york times" concludes its front page article -- host: that again it's from the "new york times." here is the "wall street journal" specifically on a spending bill issue that came up this week. senate spending bill blocked host: well, we want to get your views on the federal budget and the process as the congress gets ready to recess. they are in today, and after that, five weeks off. the federal budget is uncertain as congress recesses. for republicans, (202) 585-3880 for democrats, and (202) 585-3882 for independents. you can also contact us through social media, @cspanwj is our twitter and appeared you consider e-mail if you'd like to "hill" newhe'll" -- savor this morning host: that is from the "hill" newspaper. and from "politico" this morning -- john boehner calls for a short-term continuing resolution. here's
." see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight is washington listening to you? really? >> i believe if we see a grassroots tsunami that is going to cause republicans and democrats to listen to the people. >> washington as a whole is dysfunctional. both parties have very serious problems. >> why are we not tackling solutions, finding solutions incrementally on issues whether it's border security, energy policy, immigration. continuing resolutions instead, what we have is a political class. it's americans versus the political class. ♪ ♪ hands in the air like we don't care ♪ ♪ so much fun now >> this is just raunchy. it wasn't sexy. there wasn't any talent. all she was doing was gyrating and twerking ♪ everybody get up if you can't see what i'm trading to say if you can't breathe ♪ >> no matter how you look at this, it was pure unadult rated rot. all kinds of sexuality and sex is being stimulated on stage. >> the trouble. ♪ good girl yes you are ♪ i said you want to get nasty ♪ blurred lines >> raunchy -- this porn is exactly what the miley cyrus
in a row on the computer. host: thank you for the call. this is a story from " washington times" web site. unnamed u.s. officials told media outlets that intelligence agencies in yemen alerted washington to the threats as the yemeni president came to the u.s. to meet members of congress last thursday." michael is joining us next from philadelphia, democratic line, good morning. caller: thank you for covering this important topic. i was wondering if you have any insight or sources that revealed why it is such a general area being covered as opposed to, say, 36 -- 3 specific countries? that is one question. the other is a common about how unstable these places are these days. pakistan has never been stable in recent memory. a contributing factor. of course then there is the benghazi issue where the administration sensibly, seemingly, are concerned that they're not be a repeat. host: to give back your first question, let me just share what martin dempsey, who was just confirmed after a blocked by john mccain to be the chair of the joint chiefs of staff, is sitting down today with abc, and th
getting to the next sunday here. part of that is because never in washington have we had this assault on democracy, and have the opposition party asleep, and have the media give up its role of protecting the people. >> neil: and giving up its role of privacy of the people. that just within be the wayside. >> this is an attack on the american people. >> neil: all right, pat. thank you very much. >> obvious live got to take something pretty big to do something this big. shut down every american embassy in the mideast e middle -- midd. we know it involves al qaeda but what, where, when? lisa on the chatter that pat and i were talking about. sounds other a lot like the chatter behind this back then. of course, i'm talking about 9/11. chuck, is it similar and if it is, where is it coming from? >> i think we have established patterns in the intelligence community of looking for who talks to whom. and it may not be that you understand exactly what they're saying, but when two people start talking you start to connect the dots. and they're looking at people talking to people, and it's probabl
surveillance and human rights. on the next "washington journal," we'll discuss north carolina's new voter identification law in light of the supreme court's decision to strike down the parts of the voting rights act. our guest is myrna perez. we'll also be joined by lock heed martin vice president steve o'brien to discuss the uture of the company's joint strike fighter. the pentagon is planning to use more than 2,400 of the advanced technology aircraft in all branches of the military. at an estimated cost of $1.5 trillion. earlier this year on c-span's q&a d, a reporter discussed his trip to the lock heed martin ighter demonstration center. >> to sit in a flight simulator that they have. >> where? >> very interesting question. just across the river this crystal city, virginia. not more than a 10-minute car ride from capitol hill. and it's part of their flight demonstration center. it looks like a futuristic kind of museum and it's a place where not just journalists can go but members of congress and their staff members and other government officials. and so it's a chance to show off the v
happened he's had anything to do with. >> is this a good time for congress to slip away from washington and take a five-week vacation and what about the president jetting off to martha's vineyard? is this a good time for him to do that? we asked donald trump. donald, nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> okay, donald. any thoughts on congress taking a five-week vacation? >> well, with what's going on in the country, and that includes the president, this is not a good time to be taking vacation. you lead by example and vacation is not what this country wants to see right now. you have a debt ceiling coming up, lots of other things happening. the country is a mess. we have 17 trillion now in debt which is hard to believe but 17 trillion. this is not a good time to be taking a vacation. >> i did a little research which i also posted on greta wire. the reason they are taking a five-week vacation goes back to 1791, and that's pause it was so hot in washington in august. it was very tough on the legislatures, but i should point out they have had air conditioning in the u.s. capitol since abou
what the current iteration is. we have a lot of acronyms and washington. it is a database that is different from the nsa database because it includes information collected lawfully from search warrants and subpoenas andsays the dea. if they are investigating you for drugs and they did a subpoena and got your phone records, the numbers you've dialed and the numbers you dial you would be in that database. if they are investigating me, they would do the same thing. it would not be the contents of the call but they metadata, ever is on your phone bill. then they will put -- they will do that for every drug case in the united states and take that information and put it into the database. a guy across the border was caught with $100,000 and would not say anything. inside his fund, they found four numbers and ran the numbers and it popped up with another case in the southeastern united states. they were able to put together a money-laundering and drug case together. the problem comes when these cases go to trial. it is complicated but and the defendant that goes to trial has a ri
as the international community. here are the lines on the screen. here is the front page of "the washington post" this morning. obama weighing limiting strike on syria. they say the president is wearing a strike syria that would be a limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for serious use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent while keeping the u.s. out of deeper involvement in that country possible war. this according to senior administration officials. the timing of such an attack which would probably last no more than two days and involve -- lawrence cruise missiles and involve see launch cruise is dependent on three factors. completion of an intelligence report assessing syrian government culpability in last week's chemical attack, ongoing consultation with allies in congress, and a determination of the justification under international law. scott wilson joins us by phone now. he is white house bureau chief for the washington post. good morning. insight can you put forth this morning guest: on the administration's thinking it is notbut syria only a matter of if like you a
woman, you all say she has boy 2013 to respond. nobody is going to be in washington that day. nobody is am can be back to september. why do you want it by august 21st? >> we would like to sooner. that's a date we picked to give them some amount of time to get the information to us. >> it's going to sit there. >> they are working on this even though we are not in washington. >> that's sort of my side jab to evybody not working and taking a vacation. i fear that just the capital guards will be looking at it. i agree they ought to comply. >> our staff will be looking at it. >> all right. anyway, good luck and let us know when the ftc does comply to figure out for once and for all get answers and e-mail and go back and forth. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> it's not just the irs and the fec. there is agreeing suspicion that the securities and exchange commission may be targeting conservative groups. the committee is demanding do you means too. the committee member joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> what's up? i have seen this letter where you make a demand of the fe
with jack nicholson and nominated for an academy award. >> let's talk about washington now. more of the same mess at the irs. brand new testimony revealing the embattled agency is still targeting conservative groups. after all of the attention. peter doocy is live for us in washington. what's this all about. >> they would no longer be scrutinizeed by the irs for their political beliefs. there's a new washington piece that contains a transcript between congressional investigator and irs agent. it is a tea party group in the political at cassie case even if no evidence of activity on the application. the irs agent said based on my current manager's direction uh-huh. back in may you remember president obama said he wasn't going to tolerate improper behavior at the irs. >> it doesn't matter what political side you are from. the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. the government has to conduct itself in the way that is true to the public for us that is especially true for the irs. >> they want to put lois lerner the head of the irs tax exception commission back on the stand. >> lois lerne
of americans not liking the direction of the country, the question becomes why. joining us now from washington. republican strategist kate obenshain. also kirsten powers a democrat and fox news analyst. powers, what's the main source of disenchantment? >> well, i'm not sure that there is one source. i think that, certainly, the economy is a piece of it. but, the economy is turning around. we are in a recovery, believe it or not, but i think a lot of people still feel like their lives are not that secure. and as long as you are feeling like your life is not that secure, most people don't have pensions anymore. they are not sure about their health insurance. they are not sure that they are going to continue to have a job because everything has become so unpredictable. so i think it's environment sort of set up for people to be dissatisfied. >> bill: it's all environment? >> i think there is economic component. i agree beverage that kirsten just said believe it or not. i also think it's a lot broader than that political to some extent. the ongoing scandals been a year since benghazi. we are seein
days in american history. today in washington, people gaggering to commemorate 50 years since martin luther king's i have a dream spoech coming a day shy of his speech. >> this is not the time for a nostollingic commemoration or self congratulatory celebration, the task is not done. the journey is not complete. we can and we must do more. >> today's event concluding with a half mile walk from the lincoln memorial to the two-year-old stat u that honors dr. martin luther king junior. we can see doug mcelway from the nation's capitol. your comments on the route. >> it was spectacular harris. it was aided from mother nature. it is not every day in late august she turns out a sun drenched low humidity and cool coined of day. that's what we had today. the late dr. martin luther king would be proud of the spirit of nonviolence and generalized good will. for me the most powerful moments came not from the podium but from the people in the crowd some of whom were here to watch that speech in known 63, and lived to tell about it and many others who watched it on television and still others who
have insight and background and this is from "the washington post." the larger context this morning is about the cancellation of meetings between president obama and president clinton and russia over issues. we want to -- and president vladimir putin. you can alsol -- use social media. maryland is up first on our democrat line. caller: good morning. host: what do you think about the cancellation of this meeting? caller: i think it is kind of silly because when you have problems with somebody, shouldn't you talk to them? why you cancel a meeting if you've got problems with their neighbor, you go talk to your neighbor. that the white house says because progress was made, a summit was not good at this time. that is their argument. caller: i still think you have to talk to people. host: if that's the case, talk pointwhat the discussion be and how does edward snowden complicate this? caller: that really complicate everything. host: there he is on the screen, edward it snowed in. --ginia, cancellation virginia is next on our independent line. caller: good morning, hello. i agree with the
on spending cuts under sequestration. dangoure joined by and winslow wheeler. washington journal" good morning. president obama addresses the disabled veterans convention in orlando, florida before heading on vacation. this is the president in a press conference yesterday, promising to reform the current nsa surveillance program. he listed a series of proposals. a advisory group released review of communication technology by the end of the year. the president wants the american confidenceave "more in these programs." for the first 45 minutes we will discuss the proposal. what we are interested from hearing from you, will these proposals install confidence? here is how you can reach out to us this morning. it is -- social media is available to you as well. here's a listing of some of the proposals released yesterday by the president at the press conference at the white house. they include the appointment of a civil liberties and privacy advocate. he argued cases and challenge the government's edition before the court that -- some of the reasons why these proposals came about is hi
out in the book is that the deficit spending is routine in washington. it's 31 out of the last 35 years. the republicans and democrats are both involved. it is a, you know, there's not too much bipartisanship in washington but seems to be a bipartisan agreement to kind of kick this ball down the road. so, i think that, you know, we need to face up to the fact that the american people and its leaders have sort of joined in this kind of game where we pretend we can have very low taxes and have them even lower and still have lots of programs and services for the country, that the government pays for. and the numbers aren't adding up and there are going to be some tough political choices because we either have to raise taxes or cut back programs or do some of both and we need to do it for the budget and we need to look at it for social security and medicare, as well. >> host: scott bittle, page 83 of the book, you point out that the main function of the world's greatest superpower is, writing checks to retired people. yeah, we know it, you write, surprised us, too, you better sit down
literacy and being able to connect that to what is happening in washington and happening more broadly in the financial community one of our surveys a few years ago they were unaware of the connections where the credit crisis came from and how they have impacted that. so i would agree that there are in many respects this is one area where focusing on financial literacy and connections might be very important. >> you are thinking about marching on washington because bill has now motivated us. and we are going to march to washington so we can change the future hell are you going to rally your votes? >> i feel like we have to do a lot of political and education. it sounds really basic and not super sexy but there is a whole so much information sharing and translation like when i talk about translation, my work for translation is translating the crazy language of this city to the rest of the folks outside the city. it's not about any language which -- [laughter] the constant work of having to translate to the best of the world i feel like we need to do that anymore the number of ways it is
and talking about eminent domain. that will do it for this "orning's washington journal next, we will take you live to the national press club where they will be recognizing out going homeland security secretary jenna not a ton of who is stepping down from her position, taking the chair as president of the university of california. live coverage is next on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] the shift to [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> we are live at the national press club in washington, dc awaiting remarks from out going homeland security department secretary janet napolitano. earlier this summer, she announced she would be stepping down from her cap in a position to become president of the university of california system which includes ucla and the university of california berkeley among other campuses this is. we are expecting her in a moment. >> ladies and gentlemen, we will start into moments of silence all cell phones and anything that makes noises. we would appreciate it very much, thank you. awaye are just moments from outg
. it is not isolated to washington. it goes to your chief consul's office. discovery, do our that is where the rub is. you promised us full cooperation and yet the office of chief consul apparently has 70 attorneys delivering for documents a day per attorney, and they look like this. print, 6103.inute documentss working on , four pages a day or lawyer -- her lawyer. per lawyer. this minimal reduction is required by law? >> i have a couple statements. take --take lisi -- to redact information specific to taxpayers. all information, bottom line, whether redacted or unredacted is delivered to this congress. >> you have delivered less than one percent -- six use me for standing but i have to get over your stack. you have delivered less than one percent of the documents to the committee. >> i disagree with that conclusion. >> that is what chairman cap put out. >> i disagree with that. if i am allowed to explain i can provide -- >> here is my question. terms.uced 63 search you added some search terms. i am not disagreeing with your adding. that is fine. i want more, not less. you came up with this. it adde
washington post." we are starting a partnership with kaiser health news exploring the health care law and what it means to you. let's hear from vince in minneapolis, was on medicaid.-- who is on medicaid. hi, vince. caller: hello. i wanted to go off of medicaid and suspend my social security payments because i want to go back to work to the bankruptcy court.because i still maintain my lawyer's license. i know from bankruptcy that there is a lot of people who filed a medical debts because of -- medical debts and it bankrupts them because of uninsured accidents. the aca does not address that at all. host: what happens to people who have had catastrophic medical situations, can't pay the bills, have to declare bankruptcy? can that still happen? guest: yeah, absolutely. the hope for those who support the act is that it will happen a lot less when employers are mandated to offer employees coverage, and individuals are mandated.-- individuals are mandated to have coverage. this should go a long way towards reducing medical bill- caused bankruptcies. there is nothing in the bill that would p
lawrenson washington d.c., oh ahead. -- lawrence in washington dc. i feel that after supporting the military dictatorship for 30 years, the united states is continuing to give aid to the military. i think many americans misunderstand what the muslim brotherhood is about, they have the mistaken notion it is a terrorist organization. morsi was democratically elected. it was a coup, they did the same thing in honduras. i think it is a sad situation. i am definitely part of that 51%. host: on facebook, here are some thoughts for you -- if you want to post your comments, go to our page. marcel in columbia, south carolina, a republican caller. i am an egyptian american citizen. i have not been in egypt for 10 years. i listen to all the tv and everything. i am a christian. if president obama wants to suspend the aid, that is fine. [indiscernible] on egypt needs is -- egypt originally given to since the 1970s. the egyptian was that egypt keeps the treaty. -- the condition was that egypt keeps the treaty. i think it would be fine with egyptians. a two.ot -- a coup. 50 3 million people went to the str
the conversal law. molly henneberg live for us in washington with these details. molly? >> reporter: heather, planned parenthood applied for and received the grant money any, called a navigator grant, it is marked to help people learn and navigate through the obamacare health insurance exchanges. the but republicans say this is round-about way to get money to the largest abortion provider in the country. planned parenthood is unique to talk to young women and under obamacare. how the grant money will be used a spokesperson said, quote, these grants will enable local planned parenthood affiliates to help enroll in new, more offaffordable plans that cover preventative care, maternity care, emergency care. these have nothing to do with abortions and won't be used for abortion services. but republican lawmakers, tennessee representative diane black is not buying it. president obama promised that federal taxpayer dollars that fund obamacare would not two so abortion providers there is no way to verify with these grants to planned parenthood. >> money is fungible. so how can we be assured that the
washington, d.c., and he actually gets an audience with peter king or dianne diane feinstein, how do we think that he would be received if he had a private audience? we have seen how they reacted even when the truth comes out. it's been the truth, they try to hide it from the american people, we would have never known the truth. >> that was edward snowden's father, lon, appearing on abc's "this week." you can listen on your radio or online at spanradio. 6:30 p.m. tonight eastern time, we will take you to the family leaders that -- leadership summit in ames, iowa where rick santorum talked about the lyrical process and the republican party moving forward. again, that is tonight, 6:30 p.m. eastern time. >> mayor adrian fenty and council chairman vincent gray faced each other in one of the most contentious and expensive elections in d.c. recent history. fenty raised nearly $5 million. vincent gray only raised $1.2 million. but he won the public over as an affable and effective chairman. he beat fenty. shortly after gray took office in 2011, brown, who had also run for mayor, told t
your member of congress to use their special exemption? good night from washington. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is onment tonight: >> sometimes i'm in a board room or i'm in situations where i am the only woman, i'm the the only african-american person. they don't sense that i should be holding one of those -- >> bill: oprah winfrey making provocative remarks about race saying she was denied an opportunity to shop in switzerland. her comments have become controversial and we will deal with the wider implications tonight. >> i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> bill: apparently many americans feel that way too. just 22% of us are satisfied with the way things are going in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ satisfaction. >> bill: but why? we will try to find out. also tonight, dennis miller running riots. >> i hate to see fat man and little boy quibble like this. >> bill: miller in rare form. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. oprah winfrey talking about race.
to apples comparison. mitt has a 5,400 word essay for devoted to him in the washington post. in that essay we learn stop the press seeing 15 he cut some boys here and we learned at the same data barack obama switched his position on the rights and the boy allegedly was a homosexual. the story isn't switching his position. the point is that we have to cover that was a homophobe half never -- never mind he is now deceased. his family disputed that story. that's what we needed to know about mitt's youth. san newspaper, 5,500 words on barack obama as you if. we learned he loved basketball. that's the take away. this is a newspaper that would love to to do muckraking but they can't because all of you know that he left basketball. barack obama left something else. he wrote about it in his own book. he loved to do pot. he wrote all about it. how in the world writing a 5,500 word essay on barack obama's high school years could you of it that? if that isn't biased by omission, i don't know what is. if this isn't cataclysmic is this something that caused the election in 2004? it was the plant in 201
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